Plastic Bottle Lids

Plastic Bottle Lids

Lids from plastic bottles can no longer be placed in your kerbside bins for recycling

??♻️ Plastic Bottle Tops ♻️??

We have a large number of plastic bottle tops come in daily to the Stanley Road Waste Facility. Many community groups and schools, as well as members of the public, are still collecting them for recycling then dropping them out here, which is great!

We are working in collaboration with Precious Plastics to collect and recycle Plastic Bottle Tops so we can recycle as many as possible.

However recently, contamination has been an issue. The plastics container included coffee pods, metal lids, beer bottle lids, wine lids and even general waste. Our partners do not accept this level of contamination, so we are required to sort, process, and wash plastics. This is very labour-intensive and our most tedious part of the recycling process.

The volunteers are struggling to keep up with the volumes of plastics delivered to their shed as it is and this contamination poses a health risk to staff and the volunteers, as the process is entirely manual.

Plastic types and numbers collected for Precious Plastics are;
#5 PP
These numbers are generally listed on the top so easy to identify.

Tips for all our lid collectors from Precious Plastics.

1. Please remove the little white disk inside the lids
2. Please pop the ring (if possible) inside the lid so they become one item

♻️The first one saves our volunteers hours of time,

♻️ The second means we can identify the plastic type and recycle it. If loose, we cannot identify it correctly and can’t use it to be recycled.

Thanks everyone for your donations so far, last calculation was over 350,000 lids processed and repurposed through Precious Plastics.


What happens to your bottle caps?

Bottle caps are fully recyclable. Unfortunately, as reported on ABC’s ‘War on Waste’, they aren’t being recycled. They get sent to landfill, they fall through machinery, and in worst case scenarios, if attached to a bottle, they can explode and force expensive re packing issues.

These overlooked waste products is almost entirely made from HDPE 2, LDPE 4, PP 5 – Check out Precious Plastic  Facebook page for more up to date information on what they’re doing, or their contact page for more information.

Plastic has become a threat to our society and the entire ecosystem. It is polluting our planet and deteriorating people’s lives. It is a problem. A material made to last hundreds of years that is only used for minutes, a fraction of its possible lifespan, and all too quickly discarded.
We (Stijn and Narelle) are working together with a worldwide ‘Precious Plastic Community’ to find ways to turn plastic waste into useful and beautiful plastic objects.
Our philosophy is that discarded plastic is a precious resource, not waste. It is a material with great potential, and a sea of opportunities to use it is waiting to be discovered. If treated correctly, this resource can become something new, useful and beautiful. Our intention is to create surfboard fins and wax combs and items such as plates, cups and bowls, but there is no limit to what can be created from discarded items such as plastic milk, shampoo, juice bottles, plastic bags and almost anything else you put in your recycling bin that is made from plastic.
We are currently building the machines that will allow us to transform waste plastic into beautiful artefacts, and we are going to need your help to do it. If you are an artist, designer, recycler, tinkerer, volunteer, a school or a business who wants to contribute to this project, or simply somebody who wants to help rid the world of plastic waste!