This item should never be placed in your kerbside bins and should be taken to a drop off centre.

Asbestos is a health risk when fibres are released into the air and breathed in. Asbestos can be legally and safely disposed of in the designated area within the Stanley Road Waste Management Facility.

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Disposal procedures for all asbestos material and material suspected of containing asbestos.

  1. Separate asbestos-containing material from other material for disposal.
  2. Wrap asbestos-containing products in heavy duty plastic so fibres are not released when being transported or handled. Double-wrap to ensure it is properly sealed.
  3. Label the package ‘CAUTION ASBESTOS’ in letters at least 50mm high.
  4. Inform the gate attendant of the presence of asbestos and follow instructions of where to unload it.

Loads not complying with the above procedures will be rejected at the discretion of the operator.