Paint thinner (HHW)

Paint thinner (HHW)

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Paint thinner is classed as Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and must not be disposed of in kerbside bins or the bulk waste service.

HHW poses a risk to staff and equipment during the collection and processing of kerbside bins and bulk waste.

Unwanted material, up to 20L/kg, can be disposed of free of charge at your nearest HHW Drop off site.

You can find your nearest HHW Drop off site using our website.

HHW from commercial sources cannot be disposed of at HHW Drop off sites.

If you have commercial waste, please contact Toxfree to arrange a quote.

There may be other service providers who are able to offer this service.

Click on your local governments nearest Transfer Station icon to find find out further information on where to drop off.